Community Rail in the City is always a fantastic way of giving out information about Community Rail Partnerships; what we are about, the communities we work with and which lines we are helping to sustain. It’s also about making contact with people who may be interested in supporting CRP’s (Community Rail Partnership) and or get involved themselves to make a difference to people’s lives.




However, it is really hard to attract busy commuter attention when people are rushing to get from A to B and sometimes it’s like cold selling.
Therefore new and innovative ways need to be thought of, and used, to make the most of the day in a central place to get out the information needed.
The two partnerships have worked with the Bunker Girls before and with LSTF (Local Sustainable Transport Fund) for the Music at Stations events we are running this year, we were able to stretch it to cover the CRP in the City and engage another band to widen the net of listeners.



The Bunker Girls and the Skiffle Band played their 40’s hits for the majority of the day and helped attract the crowds to listen and take information on Line Guides, partnership working and the Music at Station events happening at Brockenhurst.  Information was also given out to support our other CRP partners for their events, busses and projects who were sharing the stand.  It was deemed to be a huge success with all leaflets given out.


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