Well here we are….in Cowes, snowed in! I have never seen weather like this on the Isle of Wight and today the Island really is white! It started last night, whilst I was on the telephone in my office talking to Malcolm Page of South West Trains about the project at Sandown, progress and tenants when it started to sleet. Thinking I would be fine and didn’t need to bolt home I probably stayed longer than I should and left in time to hit the chaos snow brings to traffic.

Disaster! After doing an unintentional 360 spin on the approach to St Mary’s roundabout I decided enough was enough and I was going to walk back to Cowes, either that or sleep in the office and the latter was not going to be a serious option. So I trudged the 5 miles home and was not alone! With most of the cars being abandoned at the bottom of an un-gritted Horsebridge Hill, there were quite a few who trudged with me through the now heavily snowing, silent night.

This after such a fabulous Christmas and New Year, I felt was exercise penance for the amount of food I ate through the holiday which, on guilty reflection probably could have sustained a small country for many months. I certainly felt the aches the next day, but we were by this time snowed in and I had to work from home.


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